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We help expats connect to their worlds.


There are 50 million of us worldwide.
We are short-term and long-term.
We work for multi-nationals, are free-lancers or moved for love.


We have learned to grow where we are planted.
We can make the most of any environment.
We can find our way through new situations and make the most of them.


We form every kind of family you can imagine.
We are risk-takers and explorers.
We adjust to new surroundings.
We are richer people because we are expats.

 But it’s not always sunshine and roses…..

The major cause of early attrition is personal adjustment struggles……

The most common expat problems - infographic

Good coaching support
can make the difference
between success and failure.

That's where we come in......

Experienced coaches

Our coaches have decades of expat life experience. We have raised families and sent kids into the world.
We have lived in rural and urban settings,
In stable and unstable environments.

Online connection

We offer a unique online platform
with which we can present relevant content
and invite interaction
on many topics related to daily expat life.

Daily support

Through our online platform we can be available to provide support exactly when you need it.
We call it “support that keeps the same hours you do”.

Want to know more? Drop us a line!