5 Things to Know Before You File Your 2014 US Expat Taxes

Ah, that wonderful time of the year is upon us—tax season! While you might be dreading the process of filing your US tax return, we are here to give you some tips to make it a bit less ‘taxing’! Here’s a look at the top 5 things you need to know before you file your 2014 tax return. US expats get an automatic extension. While the official US tax deadline is April 15th, expats get an automatic 2-month extension to June 15th. However, if will owe US taxes (which the majority of expats do … [Read more...]

An Expat Meets the Devil on New Year’s Eve

Everybody agreed that it had been a pretty tough year. That was the main topic of chat at the party that went late into the night on New Year’s Eve. It was a pretty posh event, high in a hotel overlooking the city, the beach and the water. The lights outside did their best to sparkle their brightest, as did the people inside. It was an expat party. I noticed the same CEO I had seen at the beach earlier in the month. He wore a tux now. He chatted up a small group of ladies who could have … [Read more...]

Book Review: Moving Without Shaking

Moving Without Shaking is a brilliant title that captures the purpose of this book perfectly. The word “shaking” can have different meanings and connotations so it fits whatever situation you may be in as an expat. Yes, it is so important to do everything we can to move without shaking. Yelena Parker’s goal in writing the book is “to simplify your planning for your journey through different countries, cultures, jobs, educational programs and relationships”.  She offers ideas for success so … [Read more...]

US Expats: Tax Information You Must Read!

FBAR and FATCA: Do You Need to File? While you may not be thinking about taxes at this time of the year, now is a great time to make sure you are compliant with your US filing obligations. In particular, have you heard of FATCA and FBAR? If not, it’s high time to get acquainted! If you are required to file the appropriate forms under these tax laws and fail to do so, the penalties can be staggering. So let’s take a closer look at them and explore the similarities and differences! History … [Read more...]

Unsociable? Why you might be and what to do about it

Nearly a third of Britons abroad have no local friends and refuse to venture beyond their British friendship groups, a study has revealed... ...The information was revealed in a study by an international relocation company, Robinsons, which questioned 1,000 UK expats about their life overseas, including friendship groups and attitudes towards the local culture. (source) Now: Brits aren't everybody, and not everybody is a Brit. Yet every expat knows people who don't venture out of their comfort … [Read more...]

UK Food vs USA Food

Guest blog by Ella Jameson. See below for more info on her. Despite Britain’s lingering reputation for bland, stodgy and overcooked food, most people who have spent time in the UK in the past two decades would admit this impression is undeserved. Nonetheless, a bad name is hard to shake off, and many Americans moving to Britain express some trepidation about what their eating habits will consist of from now on. Usually US expats are in for a pleasant surprise when they experience modern … [Read more...]

Three Concrete Things To Do To Get Started Making New Friends

We're talking about friendship and the expat life, trying to be honest about the fact that it is not always easy for all of us to just make new friends when we come to a new place. I am finding out that is true even though I have just repatriated back to my home city and you would think it would be the easiest thing! It's not! So I've wondered what I would say to someone if I were coaching them on this issue - kind of a "selfie", but then with coaching, I guess. Last time we talked about the … [Read more...]

One Is The Loneliest Number*

Last night I came home about 9:30pm and said to my wife, “You know something, I am realizing that I am lonely”. Thirty months ago we moved back to Philadelphia after twenty-two years in the Netherlands. We had immersed ourselves in the Dutch culture and society in every possible way, and truly called it home. I can see in my mind’s eye people that I have known over that span of twenty-two years. There were many long summer nights spent outside drinking, snacking and talking - sometimes on … [Read more...]

FIGT and the Totally Expat Show

In a span of four days time I was at the annual Families in Global Transition Conference in Washington D.C. and the Totally Expat Show sponsored by the Forum for Expat Management in New York City. Reflecting on both events has been interesting, and I wanted to share a few thoughts here. [Snark alert: some of what I say will be broad-brush generalizations, and you may even detect a bit of snark. Chalk it up to Friday morning and an evil desire to stir up the pot a bit. Just don’t forget that … [Read more...]

The Currency Ripoffs That Every Expat Needs To Avoid

Foreign exchange is one of the last areas of financial services where the average expat has little understanding of the true cost to one’s pocket. This is unfair, and with a little digging into the core issues, can truly be avoided. Furthermore, security of funds is key. Whilst there are tight regulations governing the companies providing these services, there are some rather opaque currency specialists with less than 100% credible track records. As an expat you will need to be on your … [Read more...]