Expat Life Bites Again

Today I needed to have my car inspected, an annual requirement in the state in which I live. The inspectors require proof of valid registration of the car, and a valid insurance card. When I got to the garage, I thought I’d check my documents before I went in. Registration, check. Insurance...... uh oh. The card I had in the car had expired in February of this year, and was not valid. I had paid my insurance premium, but had obviously forgotten to put the new card with the … [Read more...]

What We Thought Expat Life Was Going To Be Like

A "meme" is a virally-transmitted cultural symbol or social idea. A meme (rhymes with "team") behaves like a flu or a cold virus, traveling from person to person quickly via internet. There are a number of 'meme creator' websites you can use to make memes. I have not found one yet that allows you to imbed the meme you've made into your own website. So I am taking a meme idea and turning it into a blogpost. What triggered my thinking is the meme topic "What xxxxx really is (like)". … [Read more...]

Flight or Fight? A sphinx and a pyramid talk about culture shock….

and they tell the most ancient Egyptian joke known to us.   Struggling with culture shock? Want some support to help you understand your current coping strategy, and develop a new strategy if needed? Click here for more information on our support module called "Identify Culture Shock" and to enroll. We offer everyday support that keeps the same hours you do! … [Read more...]