Flight or Fight? A sphinx and a pyramid talk about culture shock….

and they tell the most ancient Egyptian joke known to us.   Struggling with culture shock? Want some support to help you understand your current coping strategy, and develop a new strategy if needed? Click here for more information on our support module called "Identify Culture Shock" and to enroll. We offer everyday support that keeps the same hours you do! … [Read more...]

The Humor of Expat Greetings

An American woman meets her acquaintance, an American man, in Colombo, Sri Lanka, at an expat gathering hosted by the Netherlands. “Hello! Good to see you!” and they both move in closer to one another. Now the intricate dance of expat greetings begins. Does she hold out her hand to shake his? He moves in past it. Is this now going to be an American hug? Now his face comes in close to hers – oh! He’s going to kiss me on the cheek – ok – but will it be an American ‘peck on … [Read more...]