Does that make you nervous?

Don’t be!

The last two weeks have been busy ones, as we have teamed together with Easy Pro Apps (click here for website) to develop an app for your smartphone designed to provide guidance, support and encouragement to help you relax and enjoy connecting to your new world.


…is when most expatriates find that they experience some adjustment challenges and could use some tips, information, and support to handle everyday life in a strange new world.

This free app gets you immediate access to a highly experienced expat coach right in your pocket for effective, economical and flexible online information, resources and support wherever you are.

New and ‘older’ expats will all appreciate this app!

Because expats go through different phases in life —
you sometimes get stuck and can use support even when you are a long-time international.

What’s In This App?

– For those ‘PANIC’ moments – and you know what we mean – you can push the PANIC button!

– Daily tips for expat life

– Easy access to highly experienced expat coaches when you have questions

– Keep your own written or audio journal to record thoughts or events for your personal diary or to relate to your coach or support team

– Quizzes to help you get a handle on how you are doing with your expat life

– Growing library of blogposts, videos and podcasts full of practical information on every topic imaginable relevant to expat living

– Connect through this app with a worldwide  community of fellow expats

– Keep up to date with Expat Everyday Support Center events and activities

– And LAST BUT NOT LEAST: SOLUTIONS! When you need concrete support in your expat life, this app provides solid information and good everyday support on important topics for expats such as-
– Bridging the Language Gap
– Handling Culture Shock
– Making New Friends
– How to Say Goodbye
– Staying Connected With Family
– How to Live Freely in an Unsafe Environment
– And more!

We expect that the Android version will be available in about a week, the iPhone version will take 2-4 weeks. We will keep you posted.

If you have any thoughts or comments about how an app could be helpful to you as an expat, let us know. We will be editing and developing as we go along!