Maintain stable self-identity when nobody….

calls, texts, pays a visit, knows your name….

Self identity is an important issue for everyone, but it can be an especially important and sometimes difficult issue for global citizens.

People who will take the risks necessary to embark on the expat life are generally self-confident movers and shakers. Otherwise you wouldn’t have embarked on this adventure in the first place!

And yet – we all struggle with self-identity issues at different points in our lives, and the expat life is no exception.

So we want to spend some time thinking about self identity in light of your current life circumstances.

We will:

  • Take an honest look at self-identity issues
  • Identify the FUNDAMENTAL MISTAKE in thinking that cripples healthy self-identity development
  • Learn about an important FIRST STEP you can take to build a solid self-identity foundation
  • Look at some concrete ways to use your intercultural experience to STRENGTHEN SELF-IDENTITY instead of allowing it to weaken your confidence

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